What is GIMRA?

GIMRA (the General Insurance Market Research Association) is a group of client-side research and insight professionals working in companies which underwrite or distribute General Insurance, both Personal and Commercial lines. GIMRA offers:

  • An opportunity to network and exchange advice, learn from and solve issues with other client-side researchers working in the General Insurance industry
  • Regular presentations from agencies, clients and governing bodies such as the FCA to keep members up to date on current issues, trends and opportunities in both the insurance and the research industry
  • A free annual training event on topics chosen by GIMRA members
  • Opportunity to subscribe to syndicated surveys (see below)


Who's involved?

GIMRA is organised by individual members taking on voluntary roles as part of the GIMRA Committee. Current GIMRA Committee members are:

  • Chair : Tim Thirlway (Collinson Group)
  • Vice Chair : Nicola Wright (Hiscox)

Members of GIMRA come from a range of different insurance companies and brokers; including Age UK, Allianz, AXA, Collinson Group, NFU Mutual, RSA and Zurich. 


GIMRA Meetings

GIMRA meet 3 times a year and the focus of each GIMRA meeting is based on the feedback and needs of GIMRA members.  Topics covered in recent meetings include:

  • Communicating insight
  • Broker research
  • Customer journey
  • Running research in-house
  • Behavioural economics

Existing GIMRA members can access the agenda, minutes and presentations from GIMRA meetings by clicking here. Topics for future meetings and training are discussed at GIMRA meetings, to ensure they are relevant to participants.


Syndicated Surveys

Membership of GIMRA also entitles you to join the GIMRA syndicated surveys.  Syndicated surveys are typically used to benchmark performance against competitors, or to study a common market issue in more depth. They can be a one off survey, or a continuous tracker.

The benefits of subscribing to syndicated surveys are:

  • Costs savings achieved since costs are shared between subscribers
  • Ability to benchmark performance against competitors
  • Avoids over-researching the target audience (e.g. brokers)

Syndicated surveys are project managed by a GIMRA member to represent the syndicate, to liaise with the appointed research agency and to ensure that all subscribers are regularly communicated with and consulted on any issues. The project manager also provides updates at GIMRA meetings and may work with the agency to try to increase the number of subscribers.

GIMRA regularly investigate ideas for additional syndicated surveys.  If there is interest from enough subscribers to make it financially viable, a team of GIMRA members are charged with setting up the project.  Similarly, Research Agencies approach GIMRA with ideas for a syndicated project.  These are pitched at GIMRA meetings and potential subscribers liaise directly with the agency.


Want to join GIMRA?

Membership of GIMRA costs just £200 a year per organisation (up to 4 members), which covers all meetings and training events.  If you would like to join GIMRA, please use our contact form.