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Understanding Mental Wellbeing in the Research Sector
18 July 2019

Understanding Mental Wellbeing in the Research Sector

Following Opinium’s insightful presentation at AURA’s 21st May 2019 Seminar, Sophie Holland, Research Executive at Opinium - sets out their findings following a major new research...

11 July 2019

Webinar: Making and Breaking Habits (30th July 2019)

The Behavioural Scientist’s Guide to Making and Breaking Habits  A Marketeer’s Holy Grail!   In this webinar Crawford Hollingworth will arm you with the latest thinking, models...

30 May 2019

Agile Insight: Less time, less money, more insight? (Webinar announcement)

Increasingly stakeholders are asking us to do more with less.   With internal resources already stretched do we need to change the way we work? Should we be more “agile”? What...

23 May 2019

New for 2019: AURA Webinars

New for 2019: AURA Webinars   AURA are committed to bringing our members new and interesting topics from across the Research and Insight industry. That’s why next month we’re...

11 March 2019

Who won the 2019 AURA Awards?

On the 6th March 2019, AURA members were joined by their colleagues and partner agencies for the 2019 AURA Awards (The AURAs).    Chosen exclusively by members, the AURAs have...