AURA endorses the latest ESOMAR Code of Conduct

AURA is delighted to endorse the principles enshrined in the latest version of the ICC/ESOMAR Code.

ESOMAR has promoted the use of a market research code since 1948 and joined with ICC in 1977 to create a universal code for the global market research industry, referencing (and based on) the international ICC Code of Standards of Advertising Practice.  The ICC/ESOMAR Code is a recognized global standard for the US$70 billion data, research and insights sector. The Code provides a unique set of guidelines for professionals who provide data-driven research solutions for business and social challenges.

This latest version of the Code has been updated to incorporate many of the developments that have characterized the digital revolution, such as social media, passive measurement techniques and secondary/tertiary data sources (i.e. not primary research).

The revision of the Code will continue to serve as the self-regulatory framework that has been successfully in place for many decades.  For further information, please contact: Finn Raben, Director General of ESOMAR -