Best of the MRS - What to look forward to

Every year, AURA welcomes speakers of the MRS Award winners to present at our January seminar. This year is no different and we are pleased to welcome so many great speakers. The MRS Awards celebrate research's ability to drive innovation, inspire change and deliver results. The full list of winners is available here.


MRS Award Winners (Speakers)

On 22nd January (London) and 4th February (Manchester), AURA members will hear from seven MRS Award winners: 


Jeremy Bullmore Award for Creative Development

From Sparkplugs to Singalongs (The AA & Acacia Avenue)

How The AA turned around a decade of decline by re-introducing emotional brand building, as part of a complete marketing overhaul. And how doing this meant leaving no stone unturned, including creative development research.


Financial Services Research

Beyond the data. A customised cultural immersion into payment technology (Ipsos MORI & Vocalink)

Vocalink, a Mastercard company and Ipsos Mori are here to talk through the project behind their recent MRS Award win in the Financial Services category. Using ethnography techniques, both parties were able to answer a tricky brief involving Thailand payment products and able to ‘get behind the data’, find out the ‘why’ and use the findings to develop products and marketing content.


Innovation in Research Methodology

(Wo)man vs Machine: From Competition to Collaboration (Skim Group & Danone)

With the increased need for speed, should you add AI and automated research solutions to your research mix this year? Learn why automation is feasible in qualitative research, and has the potential to speed up the research process, without compromising the quality of insights.


Virginia Valentine Award for Cultural Insights

Ghosts on the Line: Researching suicide on the railway (Future Agenda & Network Rail)

Every 36 hours someone in the UK ends their life on the railway. Despite successes stemming from the industry suicide prevention team based at Network Rail, there is a growing fear that current thinking and prevention methods can only go so far. In 2018, Network Rail asked Dr. Robin Pharoah to look at railway suicide and prevention using a novel, anthropological approach. The study centred on suicide ‘hotspot’ locations, and sought to identify connections between communities and the railway suicides that take place within them.


Insight Management

Using the power of TV to enhance the customer closeness process (Northstar Research)

By changing the format, language, branding and communication of insight within the organisation, Northstar helped a major supermarket get closer to their customers. They synthesized and distilled multiple data streams into bite-sized episodes – using the same principals as a smash-hit TV show. This enabled viewers to better understand how customers think, feel and shop at critical moments within the year.


International Research

Life at Home – Taking the Plunge in 2017 (C Space & Ikea)

IKEA is dedicated to understanding life at home, in order to make it better for the many. But how can research about something so emotive and varied serve a wide range of people, from designers, to the media, to consumers at large? In 2017, we took a step into the unknown to transform the role that research could play in shaping what IKEA brings to life at home. The result is that we created something we could never have imagined at the very beginning.


New Consumer Insights

The Priming Effect: How advertising intensifies motoring magazines’ impact on buying behaviour (Emotional Logic, Immediate Media, Dennis Publishing, Haymarket Media & Bauer Media)

In an industry first, the four leading publishers of UK motoring media, Immediate Media, Dennis, Haymarket and Bauer Media, joined forces with Emotional Logic to deliver new insight into how motoring media and car advertising affect car buying behaviour. The findings influenced strategic decision-making and allowed motoring magazines to increase their advertising page volume by 15% in a static market.


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