Brains, Waves and Automated Machines - July Seminar

Brains, Waves and Automated Machines
The next AURA Seminar is 24th July 2018.

Brains, Waves and Automated Machines

Back in May, members looked at tools and techniques that insight teams are using to maximise their brand and communications; e.g. neuroscience, eye-tracking, and facial coding.
We are continuing to look at how innovation in market research is leading to better customer insight, and how it challenges the ways things have always been done.

What to expect?

On the 24th July, join us for another thought-provoking session, where speakers will discuss how virtual reality and artificial intelligence offer a glimpse into the future, and how automation has been used successfully (and unsuccessfully) in insight.
But it’s not all about brainwaves and machines, as brands continue to uncover insights they haven’t unearthed before; through semiotics and getting ‘in real life’ with respondents. Even Whatsapp is now a research tool of note.

For You

At each event AURA hosts we want members to take away tangible learnings that can be taken back to the workplace. This event is no different, at this seminar you will experience the following: 
  • Get Automated. Hear from the pros how to apply key automation skills in online research. 
  • Be Appy. Learn how to apply the use of Whatsapp, Chatbots and AI in your research.
  • Replicate Reality. See how virtual reality can effectively mirror reality. 

Event Agenda

Speakers at the Brains, Waves and Automated Machines 24th July Seminar, include:
  • Becky Loftus (Royal Shakespeare Company)
  • Dr Pippa Bailey and Richard Garnham (Ipsos)
  • James Pickles (Toluna)
  • Malcolm Evans and Natasha Delliston (Independent Semiotic & Cultural Consultants)
  • Nick Holden (Premier Foods)
  • Andy Crysell and Joey Zeelen (Crowd DNA)
  • Imaad Ahmed (World Advertising Research Centre)
  • Benjamin Buckby (Corporate Culture)
The seminar follows our theme and members will experience a variety of topics and case studies, with ample opportunity to network with members and speakers alike. 
Places at this event are limited, Sign Up Today to reserve your place to hear from our speakers.