Building a Customer Feedback Platform

As part of our January event, Mark Squires - Watermelon Founder, discussed with AURA Members how they built a ‘Central Insight Platform’ for their client.

Building a Customer Feedback Platform

The identified business objective 

Barclays needed and wanted to build a central insight management platform to collect transaction/event based feedback and disseminate to the business in real-time. Clearly and simply outlining the focus areas through understanding the drivers of structured and unstructured data. 

The first steps 

Watermelon engaged with the business and the customers. It was essential for the project to be a success to understand the business objective and direction but make the customer centric to the programme. We need to align the business needs with the customers aspirations. 

The Conclusion

Watermelon and Barclays listened, learned and levered. We understood the clients and customers needs. We aligned the thinking and created synergies. Creating a reporting platform that creates unique access points for Barclays staff (customised viewpoints) to enable them to action accordingly. We want staff focusing on the correct things and engaging with the data in different ways based on their role – but most importantly keeping the customer centric to pre-emptive and reactive action.

Key Takeaways

The 3 key learnings were: 

  1. Fostering a customer-centric culture across servicing channels
  2. Enabling the ability to act on individual feedback proactively and reactively
  3. Informing business strategy, prioritising and supporting new initiatives


About the Authors

Alex Higgons and Mark Squires. Alex has worked agency and client side within Market Research for the last 10 years. His current role is Head of Customer Experience Research @ Barclays. He is responsible for ensuring his team collect and disseminate insight in real-time to all Barclays staff. Mark has worked in Market Research for 15 years. He founded Watermelon in 2012, who have offices in London and Sydney and work with the likes of Barclays, Westpac, L&G, Saga, Hiscox, Virgin & House of Fraser. WM partner with their clients to understand and measure what matters to customers and drive real business change in the moment. 


Authors: Alex Higgons (Barclays) and Mark Squires (Watermelon)

Members: Full presentation available here.