Call for Contributions MRS Customer Summit 2017

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Call for contributions

MRS Customer Summit 2017 -
Thursday 12 October
10 Revealing Insights into the Modern Consumer

We are looking for 10 compelling speakers who will contribute to a conference like no other. The MRS Customer Summit is a conference that casts strong light and detailed analysis on the new consumer landscape.  

Navigating the needs of the modern consumer has never been more challenging. Consumers are savvier, more empowered, and more choice-saturated than ever. In order to satisfy them, we have to understand them. We have to identify changing behaviours and anticipate further change. It's the very stuff of insight. 

This brand new conference will lay out a compelling series of trends that leading brands have identified among their customer base. Driven by powerful insight, these trends will cast light on the modern consumer.

What happens if you’re selected?
You will have a 30-minute slot on the conference platform. We will ask you to present for around 20-25 minutes and then the conference chair will ask questions and open up to the floor.

What happens next?
We will be in touch with you swiftly to discuss the idea in more detail. Your submission is the start of the conversation. The area of focus/emphasis may well change in conversation with the conference chair. The conference will be finalised in June.

Please noteThe information you provide is for internal use only and all submissions will be treated in the very strictest confidence.

Deadline and contact details
To be considered, please send your submission to by 9 June 2017. If you have any queries please contact us using the same email address or call 020 7566 1852. 



Who do we want to hear from?
This is a conference that will only feature client-side insight professionals or client-side research users on the platform. 

We want to hear the stories directly from brands. Research agencies can, of course, feed into the presentation and the applications, but both the application and the speaking slot on the day are reserved for clients only. Agencies can be mentioned in presentations. 

Speakers can represent ANY sector, be it FMCG, Government, Retail, Third Sector, Healthcare or Food & Drink. It is likely that we will ask for the broadest sector representation on the day. 

What do we want to hear?
In no more than 300 words tell us about ONE fresh, significant and very defined customer trend that you have identified. 

We want to know:

a) How you discovered the trend
b) How it surprised you and changed your perception of the customer
c) The challenges that it presented
d) The ways in which your organisation is adapting to capitalise on the change
e) What you anticipate will happen next…

Steer clear of broad generalities. We need focused and detailed trends. The more ‘unusual’ your trend, the more chance you have of reaching the speaking platform. The more information you can give us, the better. 

What are the broad themes the conference will address?
The conference will examine how customers are changing the way they:

1. Buy from you
2. ‘Feel’ about your brand
3. Communicate/interact with you
4. Communicate with other customers
5. ‘Find’ you
6. Voice unhappiness


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