Changing the Face of Mental Health by 2025


Nuffield Health (NH) approached C Space with a clear challenge: how can we help change the face of Mental Health by 2025?


How Can We Change the Face of Mental Health by 2025?

A bold but critical ambition considering 1 in 5 people in the UK take a day off work due to stress and a quarter of people have considered resigning due to stress, costing UK businesses £26bn every year.

Faced with the need for speed and depth of insights, we turned to ‘The Green Room’, an on-going community of customers and prospects, with whom we had already established a strong relationship, to save time and get great depth on a highly emotive subject. To better understand the mental wellbeing landscape, we agreed the best place to start was to better understand the journey to seeking support and the type of support people were accessing. Understanding this would help us identify opportunities for NH to develop support services.

This project demonstrates the best in healthcare research; we took a highly emotive and difficult subject and by using sensitive methodology, in a short time frame, were able to get to deep insight – so much so, we had members contacting us after to thank us for the profound effect the project had on them as individuals. We went above and beyond to craft personas to help understand the findings and, coupled with a creative debrief, we landed the insight with stakeholders in an engaging way, leaving NH with clear direction to move forward.


Market Research Manager of Nuffield Health, Charlotte Klahn said “This understanding will form a solid basis to inform our commercial decisions at NH and drive the strategy forward. We’ve never launched an emotional wellbeing programme before, so it’s imperative we get it right, and our customers are a critical place to start, in order to shape the future progression of this service proposition.


Authors: Charlotte Klahn (Nuffield Health) and Chris Jackson (C Space)

Members: Full presentation available here.