Increasing Brand Love by Sweating the Small Stuff

The Behavioural Architects at AURA

At AURA's May 2018 event, First Aid for Brands, Crawford Hollingworth discussed how behavioural science helps us sweat the small stuff, and how little things we can do can add real advantage. AURA Members are able to see The Behavioural Architects full presentation here.


Increasing Brand Love by Sweating the Small Stuff

Behavioural Science helps us look at the world differently. In this presentation Crawford looks at three things we can do to strengthen brand connections and to build brand love. In Section 1, Crawford explores how putting a Behavioural Economics (BE) lens on any form of communication can illuminate strengths and weaknesses. "If you look at any piece of communication through a BE lens, looking at certain concepts, you can see strengths and weaknesses of that communication and quickly you can see ways to enhance it on any bit of communication."

In Section 2, sometimes brands can begin to lose traction when their context changes or they get trapped in shrinking spaces. If we look at the world through a BE lens it can give us new angles and fresh perspectives on behaviour. This will help you see new ways to connect and to identify new opportunity spaces. "Context can often change and what BE does, or looking through a BE lens does at behaviour is often give us a different view, allows us to see maybe new spaces or new ways that our brands can connect, new behavioural footholds that they can gain. It gives you that different view on the world. We should all look at the world in different ways to see that kind of enlightenment and behavioural science allows that."

And finally, in Section 3, brands need to find ways to strategically harness the power of priming, tapping into the massive subconscious energy that lives below the surface and has a huge influence on human behaviour.

Crawford presented three simple Behavioural Economics approaches that can increase brand connection, brand love.



The Behavioural Architects specialise in understanding and influencing behaviour. Their approaches and methodologies are based on cutting edge behavioural science. 


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