Insight Impact Award Submissions Open

AURA are delighted to announce the return of the Insight Impact Award. Submissions for this notable award are now open. 

Steven Darby (AURA Council) said this of the award:

"The Insight Impact award is particularly significant across the wider insight industry as the winners of the award are not chosen by a ‘panel of experts’ they are chosen by AURA members with every single one of our member companies and individual members having the opportunity to have their say. The Insight Impact award, as indicated by 2018 winner Auto Trader UK has the ability to highlight the significant role insight can and does have within organisations whilst also highlighting the individuals who have worked to deliver significant improvements."

Last Year's Winner

In 2018, the Insight Impact award was awarded to Auto Trader UK, who said:

“Winning the AURA Insight Impact award was a real honour, and had a significant effect on us as a team. The news of our win spread rapidly around the company, and our team received a lot of recognition; from our Exec, right through the business. It changed the way a number of other teams perceived us, and also gave us more confidence to take the research out to many conferences across Europe, and even to enter (and win) more awards with the project. A great experience all round”


Your Submissions

AURA Members are encouraged to submit the best case study from a client and or agency collaboration for demonstrating the impact of insight on their business through: 

  • The bottom line improvements/successes,
  • Engaging difficult to reach stakeholders, and or
    • Changing the opinions of customers through effective and creative use of insight. 


Important Dates 

  • Nominations open on 01 October 2018 and close on Thursday 25 October 2018
  • Finalists will be contacted before end 31 October 2018
  • Finalists will be announced on 01 November 2018
  • Finalists will be invited to present their Insight Impact Projects to AURA members at the seminar on 22 November 2018 where members will vote.
  • Winner of the Award will be announced at the AURA Awards in March 2019.

Please use the button below to download the submission form and criteria for the Insight Impact Award, and send your completed submission to


Submission Form

The submissions form and criteria document can be found here.

insight_impact_award_submission_form_vfinal.docx (docx, 29.04 KB)