Who won the 2019 AURA Awards?

On the 6th March 2019, AURA members were joined by their colleagues and partner agencies for the 2019 AURA Awards (The AURAs). 


Chosen exclusively by members, the AURAs have always been AURA members' way of recognising the great work that is carried out in the Market Research and Insight industry. From the huge positive impact that partner agencies have on our members success, and the transformative work our members carry out within their businesses. 


Who won the 2019 AURA Awards?

This year, we event had ten categories to recognise with the inclusion of two new awards for 2019. As an organisation AURA wanted to take account of the many small and new agencies making their impact on the industry. For that reason, AURA have introduced the ‘Best New Agency’ and ‘Best Small Agency’ award categories.

All AURA categories include:

  • Best New Agency
  • Best Clientside Team
  • Best Small Agency
  • Most Inspiring Member Speaker
  • Commercial Acumen
  • Communications
  • Most Inspiring Agency Speaker
  • Insight Impact
  • Trusted Partner
  • Agency of the Year


Best New Agency

New for 2019: This award is designed for AURA members to show how the expertise of new agencies in the industry is delivering for their organisation. This category is open to all agencies under 6 years old.

Winner: Strive


Strive, Winner of Best New Agency Award 2019 - Presented by Van Valdez (RSA Group)


Best Clientside Team

Sponsored by Neuro-Insight (

Looking internally to AURA, this award recognises the quality and skills AURA members have within their own organisations and to reflect on the quality delivered in a single far reaching piece or sustained delivery of quality insight.

Winner: Whitbread PLC


Whitbread, Winner of Best Clientside Team Award 2019 - Presented by Heather Andrews (Neuro Insight)


Best Small Agency

Our second new award for 2019: It is important to highlight the great work that is happening across the industry by all agencies. This award is intended to highlight the best small agencies AURA members have been working with. (Open to all agencies with either; fewer than 25 members of staff and/or less than £1million turnover).

Winner: OKO


OKO, Winner of Best Small Agency Award 2019 - Presented by Tim Steere (Leeds Building Society and AURA Vice-Chair)


Most Inspiring Member Speaker

Sponsored by fineline (

Across the year, AURA welcomes Clientside speakers to present back to their peers at AURA seminars. The finalists have all delivered high quality and engaging presentations and have been voted the top 3 by all AURA seminar attending members.

Winner: Abiola Oni (Rightmove)


Abiola Oni (Rightmove), Winner of Most Inspiring Member Speaker Award 2019 - Presented by Dan Hayes (EE)


Commercial Acumen

Delivering insightful and cutting edge research is one half of the equation, this award recognises an agency who has stepped up and proactively helped our members drive commercial returns from their insights.

Winner: Incite


Incite, Winner of the Commercial Acumen Award 2019 - Presented by Louise Sharpe (AURA)



Sponsored by Marketing Week: Marketing Leadership Masterclass (

Putting the output of any research project in front of an internal audience can be a make or break moment for any of our members. This award seeks agencies whose communications are capable of creating ‘wow’ moments and our members are proud to put in front any internal audience.

Winner: Trinity McQueen


Trinity McQueen, Winner of the Communication Award 2019 - Presented by Ed Tillotson (XIEM)


Most Inspiring Agency Speaker

Sponsored Festival of Marketing (  

Recognising the high quality of the Agency speakers attending AURA events and seminars across 2018.  The finalist have all delivered high quality and engaging presentations and have been voted the top 3 by all AURA seminar attending members.

Winner: Richard Shotton


Richard Shotton, Winner of Most Inspiring Agency Speaker Award 2019 - Presented by Liza Koromila  (XIEM)


Insight Impact

This award is presented to the best case study from a client/agency for demonstrating the Impact of Insight on their business through:

  1. Bottom line improvements/ successes
  2. Engaging tricky or difficult to reach stakeholders
  3. Changing the opinions of customers through effective and creative use of insight


Winner: Whitbread PLC


Whitbread, Winner of the Insight Impact Award 2019 – Presented by Carolyn Russell (Hampshire County Council)


Trusted Partner

AURA members form relationships with many of the agencies they work with, but what’s even better is when they find a trusted partner. A partner who understands the business’ agenda and goes beyond the call of duty to help them deliver it.


Winner: Populus


Populus, Winner of the Trusted Partner Award 2019 – Presented by Tim Steere (Leeds Building Society and AURA Vice-Chair)


Agency of the Year

This award is based upon the agency who has received the most recognition, award nominations and votes throughout the awards process.  This reflects their impact and efforts to their clients and the briefs they have been asked to deliver.


Winner: Incite


Incite, Winner of the Agency of the Year Award 2019 - Presented by Sarah Whiddett (Bidfood and AURA Chair)


Photo Gallery

Check out the event photo gallery for a full picture of an evening at the AURA Awards 2019.


Entertainment for the night included, a Jazz-trio taking requests as they made their way around the room. Attendees tested their wine-tasting abilities with our own sommelier taking us through a selection of wine and how to recognise the differences.


Our Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors Festival of Marketing fineline mr, Marketing Week and Neuro Insight.


fineline are a full service agency offering creative and traditional solutions for qualitative, quantitative and CATI research requirements. We undertake both ad-hoc and continuous tracking projects.


Neuro-Insight measures second by second brain responses to marketing communication to quantify and report on the subconscious impact of both content and context.